The senses and the chakras

This is a year consacrated to the Chakra research
Un anno dedicato a questo alla ricerca sui Chakra

After the painting for the main practice room of Cascina Bellaria, a series of workshops where the chakras are the starting point of an interdisciplinary work mixing Yoga and Qi gong, Meditation, Arts and Creativity (sound, visual and performative arts).

8This workshop is the occasion to develop different approaches, intents and aims towards and thanks to the same theme – the Chakras, starting from:

  • The self-study, Svādhyāya in ancient Sanskrit textes. The chakras are a question of experience: we have to perceive in order to elaborate and understand. We have to be present and open to invest ourselves in order to learn;
  • The ability to communicate, in the sense of Shabda, the Sanskrit way to intend “the speech sound”, or the “linguistic performance”. It represents what we need when we connect with the world or to use in an educational domain (yoga courses);
  • The creativity or the necessity to express through associations, interdisciplinary connections and images unifying the perceptive system and the mind. The verb “to create” in English or “creare” in Italian probably originate from the same Sanskrit root Kar, meaning to do, bring into existence. Talking about the Chakras means to be able to manage a holistic method, where the insightfulness, the synchronicity and the foresight are useful instruments. The Art field is a good space where to understand the required technical know-how.
  • The meeting with the reality existing with us, inside us, outside us. The encounter with what we call “the reality” is often complex: we need a sharp gaze, a strong skill to concentrate (Dharana in Sanskrit) and the sincerity (Satya in Sanskrit) to distinguish what is the essence or the structure and what it is the surface or the skin. The mindfulness is the condition we obtain using meditation and the balance of our energies (the Chakras).


The chakras workshops take place in these two fantastic places during these periods:

The video published here is a poetic introduction to this subject starting from my drawings.

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